Frozen City
Frozen City

Frozen City

Frozen City is a city-building simulation game set in an ice and snow apocalypse. As the chief of the last town on Earth, you have to gather resources and rebuild society.

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Frozen City

Meet the characters

<p><strong>Explore mysterious islands and discover hidden treasures</strong></p>
<p><strong>Build and decorate your own dream land</strong></p>
<p><strong>Frozen City Features</strong></p>

Explore mysterious islands and discover hidden treasures

Explore wild tropical islands with Felicia, an adventurous photographer, and Toby, an enthusiastic archaeologist. On their journey they will solve challenging puzzles and discover rare treasures and ancient artifacts!

Build and decorate your own dream land

Restore the farm from the bottom up, experience exciting events and win beautiful decorations! How do you want your island to look like? Charming, modern, natural? It’s all up to you!

Frozen City Features

– Production chain: process raw materials into living items, set reasonable production ratio, and improve the town’s operation

– Allocate labor: Assign survivors to different positions such as workers, hunters, chefs, etc. Keep an eye on survivors’ health and happiness values. Learn information about the town’s operation. Experience challenging hard-core gaming.

– Expand the town: Grow the survivor group, build more settlements to appeal to more survivors.

– Collect heroes: Army or Gang, what matters is not where they stand or who they are, but whom they follow. Recruit them to help the town grow.

Frozen City

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Frozen City