Whiteout Survival – July Patch Update

July 2, 2024

July 2024’s patch notes of the updated Whiteout Survival are as follows:

[New Content]

1. New heroes: Gen 9 heroes. Magnus the true son of the tundra, Xura the mysterious Windbreaker, and Fred the fire chief are coming soon!

[Optimization & Adjustment]

1. Formation: Added 2 formation slots which can be unlocked at Furnace Levels 26 and 30 respectively.

2. Pet Skills: Reduced the cooldown of Pet Skills from 24 hours to 20 hours for Titan Roc, Snow Leopard, Cave Lion, Snow Ape, Iron Rhino and Saber-tooth Tiger.

3. Hero Gear stats: After you enhance or master Hero Gear, the stats of your Troops in Exploration will also be improved. This can make you more powerful in battles and help you clear more stages in Exploration. The same applies to Arena.

4. Event rewards: Rewards of Foundry Battle, Castle Battle, State of Power, King of Icefield, Crazy Joe, Fortress Battle, Tundra Trade Route, Myriad Bazaar, Frosty Fortune, Vault of Enigma, Wishful Emporium, Tundra Adventure, and Alliance Shop will be upgraded as your server progresses.

5. Daybreak Island: Added the like and share feature, the Life Essence collection reminder in Overview, and a Prosperity Leaderboard which includes the red dot alert feature that shows the allies you can help.

6. Exploration Battle: Adjusted the recommended Power to make it better aligned to the difficulty.

7. State of Power Revival interface: Optimized the display of Revival Rate.

8. Heroes List: Added the feature to sort heroes by type.

9. Bear Hunt: You can no longer initiate a Rally when there are less than 5 minutes left.

10. Battle Report: Included the rally initiator’s name in the subtitle of rally battle reports.

11. Chat: Added the feature to withdraw messages, the reminder of unread messages, the feature to locate unread messages and messages in which your name is mentioned, and a shortcut button that directs you to the latest message after you view the chat log.

12. Frostfire Mine Sign-up Period Adjustment: Considering chiefs’ daily routine, the timeslot at UTC 3:00 has been adjusted to UTC 2:00. Please pick your timeslot based on your own daily routine.

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